The Town of North Hempstead & UGPOA

As an unincorporated area, University Gardens receives most of its municipal services from the Town of North Hempstead and is fully subject to its taxes and ordinances. In some functions, the authority of UGPOA overlaps with that of the Town (see below). In some cases, UGPOA may contact Town officials to express concerns as representatives of the community.


Building & Landscaping

Owners developing their property must comply with the Town's Building and Zoning Codes and should contact the Town Building Department directly.

Complete sets of plans must also be submitted to the UGPOA Board which will review them and determine whether they are in harmony with the community. No construction, landscaping, grading, etc. may be conducted unless the UGPOA Board has approved the plans or failed to respond within 30 days after submission. If possible, electronic versions of plans should be submitted to A hard copy of the plans must also be sent to the Board's mailing address:  UGPOA, 9 Sussex Road, Great Neck, NY 11020.


Tree Removal

Removal of a tree from the front yard of a property requires a permit from the Town.

In addition, removal of a tree from anywhere on a University Gardens property requires approval of the UGPOA Board unless the tree is within three feet of the foundation. Any property owner who wishes to remove a tree should contact the Board at: Failure to obtain prior approval could result in a fine of $1,753 per tree in the residential portion of the community or $5,844 per tree above 5 years old in the commercial portion ($1,500 or $5,000 respectively, as adjusted for inflation since 2009).


Trash Collection

Please follow the directions on the Announcement of the carting company engaged by the Town for our area.

Note: trash must be left for pick-up at the side or rear of a home - not on the front curb. 



Dog owners must comply with the Town Code. Dogs must be properly licensed and, when being walked, must be kept on a leash no more than six feet in length. Droppings must be picked up and disposed of in the owner's own trash bin. Dogs are not allowed in the Club area.


House Numbers

The Town requires a house number to be displayed at the entrance or at the nearest practical point of a home.



The Town has a comprehensive noise code. The Association has no authority to enforce that code. In some cases, a property owner may be able to mitigate the problem by communicating directly with the individual responsible. Otherwise, violations may be reported to the Town's Code Enforcement Division by calling 311, or if outside of working hours, the police at 911.



The Town's parking rules must be followed by property owners and their guests alike. Most locations in University Gardens only permit parking on one side of the street for a maximum of 90 minutes. Parking on all streets is prohibited from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.



Operation of an in-ground sprinkler system requires that an annual backflow valve test be conducted by a licensed inspector and the results sent to the Manhasset-Lakeville Water District.