University Gardens Charges

Annual Charge: Assessed on lot area -- currently $.055 per square foot -- due January 1 with 30-day grace period.

Late Fee: 1.5% per month on Annual Charge not paid by January 31.

Annual Dues: Property owners who have paid the Annual Charge and any other sums due may join UGPOA by paying the $50 Annual Dues.

Club Charge: Homeowners who have joined UGPOA (by paying Annual Charge, Dues and any other sums due) may join the Pool & Tennis Club for the summer season by paying the Club Charge of $350 per household (discounted to $300 if paid by January 31).

Tree Removal Penalty for Homeowners: Homeowners who have removed a tree without authorization from the Board (except a tree within three feet of a home's foundation) must pay a penalty of $1,500 per tree, as adjusted for inflation.

Tree/Covenant Violation Penalty for Commercial Property Owners: Commercial property owners who have removed a tree more than 5 years old without authorization from the Board or committed some other material violation of the covenants are subject to a penalty of $5,000, as adjusted for inflation.