University Gardens is an unincorporated community in Great Neck, NY with 218 homes and an estimated 2,000 trees. We also have a commercial row along Northern Blvd with office buildings and various businesses.

Our community was established in 1927 by the recording of a Declaration of Restrictions attached to all property deeds, with separate covenants for residential and commercial properties. The covenants promote a green and open physical environment with harmonious architecture and prohibit non-residential use of homes and disagreeable businesses. The covenants also authorize community facilities for the residents including a pool, tennis courts, playground, etc. paid for with an Annual Charge assessed on all properties and an additional fee for residents who use the pool.

While University Gardens is a distinct community in a specific location subject to the Declaration of 1927, the U.S. Census Bureau uses our name as a label of convenience for our entire census tract, a much larger area. This website focuses only on the actual University Gardens community.

The University Gardens Property Owners Association, Inc. ("UGPOA" or the "Association") was formed in 1940 to administer the covenants and the community's facilities. The UGPOA Bylaws provide for election of a Board of Directors comprised of seven UGPOA members. The Board meets once per month and an Annual Meeting of the Membership is held in early February.

The local laws that govern University Gardens are primarily those of the Town of North Hempstead and to some extent, Nassau County. The Town's Building Department reviews all proposed construction and its Board of Zoning & Appeals considers requests for zoning variances. Since the University Gardens covenants also require that all proposed construction first obtain approval from the UGPOA Board, the requirements of both the Town and UGPOA must be complied with if possible. When a proposed plan involves subdivision of a property or alteration of property lines, the Nassau County Planning Commission also exercises authority.

The Town owns the community's streets, sidewalks and tree-lined medians and is responsible for street cleaning, snow clearance and tree maintenance by its Highway Department. Many of the Town's other services are provided through its 'special districts' including the Great Neck Garbage District, Lighting District, Sidewalk District, Manhasset-Lakeville Fire District, Manhasset-Lakeville Water District and the Belgrave Water Pollution Control District.

The Nassau County Police Department is responsible for policing of the community. We are also patrolled by the Great Neck Auxiliary Police, a local volunteer group.

University Gardens is part of the Great Neck School District. Children attend the Lakeville Elementary School which is adjacent to our community and Great Neck South Middle and High Schools.