Permits & Applications

Certain activities in University Gardens require a written permit or application. For your convenience, we have consolidated those requirements here, with links to further information and downloadable forms. 

Tree removal

Removal of any tree more than five years old must be approved by the Board. An applicant must complete the tree-removal form and submit it to the Director responsible for Trees as designated on the Board of Directors page of this website. A full discussion of tree removal, including the role of the Town of North Hempstead, can be found in the Town Regulations page of this website. The Director for Trees will investigate and report to the Board, which will approve or deny the request. Removal of any tree without Board approval can result in a demand for $1,500 (per tree) in compensation to the community.

Pool & Tennis Club membership

Only residential members of UGPOA and their immediate family members who reside with them may join the Club. Qualified persons must complete an application (available early 2012), print it out, and submit it to the Executive Secretary, as designated on the Board of Directors page of this website, along with a check for the fee amount specified on the Pool & Tennis Club page of this website. Prospective members are urged to consult that same page for the schedule of operations and rules of conduct that apply to the Club and its facilities.

Any applicant for a job as lifeguard at UGPO's Pool & Tennis Club must complete a two-page Questionnaire and comply with its instructions.  Print two copies and retain one, since it includes the job description.

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