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Sometimes known as the "park," the recreation area near Northern Blvd. on the east side of Sussex Rd., just south of No. 11, contains a 72-foot-long, heated swimming pool, two tennis courts, and a small children's playground. The pool and tennis courts are open only to members of the Pool & Tennis Club and their paid guests, as defined under the Club rules below.

During most of the year the playground is open to all families in the Gardens. On weekends and holidays during the pool season, however, the playground is open only to Club members and their paid guests because of physical difficulties in controlling pool access otherwise.

To reach the pool or tennis courts by phone (in season), call 482-9660. Pool personnel for the 2013 season will be announced later. The Board member in charge of the pool is Steve Perlman. In charge of the tennis courts is Jonathan Kanders .  To download an application for the 2014 pool season, click here.

The playground features a spongy synthetic surface and the most modern, plastic play equipment. 

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1. CLUB: The University Gardens Pool & Tennis Club is a private club, owned and operated by the University Gardens Property Owners Association, Inc. (UGPOA). Only members of the Club and their guests may use the Club’s facilities. The facilities may only be used during announced hours of operation, but may be closed at those times without prior notice due to weather, maintenance, safety or other problems. The Club reserves the right to deny entry due to over-crowding and may deny entry to guests at times when over-crowding is expected. 

2. FACILITIES: The Club’s facilities include a fenced-in pool area, tennis courts and a parking lot. 

3. RULES: UGPOA has adopted these rules governing the use of the facilities for the 2014 season. All persons using the facilities must obey these rules at all times. Failure to obey the rules may result in denial of admission or expulsion from the facilities. UGPOA reserves the right to waive or change the rules without prior notice. 

4. AUTHORIZED PERSONS: The Pool Director, Lifeguards and UGPOA Board members are the only persons authorized to manage the facilities. Users of the facilities shall follow their lawful directives at all times. 

5. MEMBERS: Only residents of properties subject to the University Gardens Declaration of Restrictions that are fully paid for all UGPOA annual charges, 2014 membership dues and any other amount due to UGPOA are eligible to become members of the Club. An eligible resident must submit a completed application with payment in full of the Club fee by personal check, bank check or money order payable to UGPOA; cash not accepted. 

6. GUESTS: Upon submitting a guest fee or a guest pass at the pool entrance, guests of Club members may be admitted for that day only if accompanied by a Club member. UNIVERSITY GARDENS RESIDENTS SHALL NOT BE ADMITTED AS GUESTS. Guests may not bring their own guests. No more than four (4) guests per household per day may be admitted without prior permission of the Pool Director.
Except as noted herein, the guest fee is $10 for those above age 12 and $5 for ages 12 and under. Children in carriages or strollers and care-givers for children of members are admitted without charge. The guest fee at BBQ’s is $20 for those above age 12 and $10 for ages 12 and under. 

Guest passes are $100 for 20 admissions - except at BBQ’s - payable to UGPOA by personal check, bank check or money order; cash not accepted. Guest passes issued in 2013 are also recognized. Passes used to pay for guests at BBQ’s will be charged 4 admissions for those above age 12 and 2 admissions for ages 12 and under. 

7. VERIFICATION: UGPOA reserves the right to demand documentation of the residence and identity of any person entering the facilities and may deny or revoke the status of a member or guest who fails to provide satisfactory documentation in UGPOA’s sole judgment. All members must sign in each time they enter the facilities. 

8. RETURNED CHECKS: Membership shall be suspended if any check is dishonored by the bank and shall only be restored upon payment of the amount owed plus a $25 administrative fee. 

9. ALCOHOL/SMOKING: Consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking are prohibited in the facilities. 
10. SANITATION: All persons using the facilities shall promptly dispose of their used cans, wrappers, newspapers, etc. and shall maintain the cleanliness of the facilities at all times. 

11. DISTURBANCES: Running, playing ball, skate boarding, loud noises, causing disturbances and bringing in pets are prohibited throughout the facilities.



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1. CAPACITY OF POOL: 105. Admission may be denied if the pool approaches capacity. 

2. DATES OF OPERATION: Summer Season: June 20 – Sept. 1. Post-Season (conditions permitting): Sept. 2–7; Pre-Season: As Announced. 

3. HOURS: Summer Season: 10:00 am – 11:00 am: lap swimming only;                      11:00 am - 7:30 pm: general swim. Closing at 7:15 pm if no bathers present. Post-Season:  Sept. 2 - 5: 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm; Sept. 6 - 7: 10:00 am – 7:30 pm. 

4. HYGIENE: All persons must shower in the clubhouse prior to entering the pool. Children in diapers must wear fitted plastic pants over their diapers or use special water-wear. Persons with open sores or other unhygienic conditions may be forbidden to enter the pool by an Authorized Person. 

5. EATING/DRINKING: No food or drink may be taken into the pool. Food and drink may be consumed in the lawn/deck and dining areas, provided that cleanliness is maintained. 

6. LIFEGUARDS: Lifeguards may not act as babysitters, nor engage in lengthy conversations while on duty. 

7. CHILDREN: No child age 12 or under may enter the pool area unless supervised by an adult. No child under age 18 may enter the deep portion of the pool unless adequate swimming skills have been demonstrated to a lifeguard.

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1. PERMITTED PLAYERS: Tennis courts may only be used by members and guests who complete the reservation sheet. 

2. SWEEPING COURTS: Courts must be swept upon conclusion of each session. 

3. RESERVATION SHEET: The name of any member or guest who intends to play must be entered on the reservation sheet for that day only, starting at 8:45 am. A reserved court will be released if the party fails to appear on time. 

4. DATES/HOURS OF OPERATION: May – November, 9 am - dusk 

5. TIME PER SESSION: Singles: 60 Minutes Doubles: 90 Minutes 

6. LIMIT OF PLAY: Persons who have used the courts for two sessions on a given day may play for additional time only if a court is vacant, but must yield the court to any other member who wishes to play at that time. 

7. BACK-TO-BACK SESSIONS: Back-to-back sessions may not be reserved, unless the first session has been completed and a court is then available for a second session. 

8. ATTIRE/FOOTWARE: Shirts must be worn at all times. All players must use smooth, solid tennis shoes. Basketball shoes and ribbed shoes are prohibited. 

9. CONDUCT: Only players are permitted on the tennis courts. Children under 12 may not enter the tennis area unless they are playing or are accompanied by an adult. Spectators must sit quietly on the benches. 

10. EATING/DRINKING: Consumption of small drinks and snacks is permitted on the benches.


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The Club offers opportunities for employment in the following positions: Director, Assistant Director, Gatekeeper, and Lifeguard. To apply for employment, contact us at ugpoasec@gmail.com.